Characteristics of the track

Length: 250 meters
Width: 7,38 meters
Surface: Siberian pine
Bend: 42°
Straight: 11°
Circumference at the fence: +/- 257 meters.

How to get to the venue

Minsk National Airport Distance to the Velodrome – approx. 45 km.
To get from the airport to the city center by car: leave the airport and go all the way straight on the highway M2, turn right at the road junction near the Mount of Glory, keep moving all the way straight till the sign “Minsk”. Further going along this road (Nezavisimosti Ave.) you will get on the city center. Public transport: there are four regular-route buses No. 300, 300C, 300Cy and 173Э between Minsk and Minsk National Airport.
The ticket price and timetables are available upon request.

Official Training at the velodrome

The velodrome will be available for training from January 16th to January 18th. Training schedules will be distributed once all teams have confirmed their arrival details.