Reminder of safety instructions for official trainings and pre- competitions warm-up session

    Official trainings:
  • Official training organized on a competition day before a pre-competition warm-up session are open to riders not competing on that day only.
  • Teams must respect the slots defined by the UCI.
  • All riders must wear the national team apparel or the UCI Track Team apparel.
  • Road bikes are not allowed on the track, neither on the security zone.
  • The use of thermal motor or electrical gears (derny, motorcycle...) are prohibited.
  • All coaches must stand on the home straight, and if possible, coordinate with each other for a better secure and efficient use of the track.
  • Standing starts (individual or team) shall take place on the home straight only. An assistant with a red flag and a whistle will be placed at the exit of the previous corner to warn the other riders present on the track.
  • The use of starting gate is prohibited.
  • The Technical Delegated - appointed by the UCI or by the organizer - has the power to take the necessary measures to ensure security on the one hand and equity among the other teams on the other.

    Pre-competitions warm-up session:
  • Only riders who are competing in the upcoming session may use the track during the pre-session warm up time.
  • The safety instructions are identical to those laid down for official trainings, except for the standing start, which is only permitted for a single rider positioned in the sprinters' lane.
  • The pre-competition warm-up session ends 10 minutes before the start of the competition.